Yearly Archives: 2010

Rome II: Vatican City

We spent the first three days of our Europe trip in Rome.  We may have been asleep the first day and half.  I think we

Rome I: Edificios

Doors, windows, and two pics of columns in Rome.  Apparently I have a thing for colors related to the mustard yellow

Lara & Shannon

Shannon and I have been best friends since I was 14.  Clearly she is gorgeous and exudes effortless style.  Of all my

Nathalie Mazo (my fellow friend & photographer)

I met Nathalie 9 years ago in Florida at summer camp.  She had a film SLR and so did I.  I bought my first non-kit lens

State Fair of Texas

Texas, dear sweet Texas with your wide open blue skies and southern charm and traditions, you will always have a place

Robert & Yolanda

Robert is a charming chef with boyish dimples.  Yolanda is a cute teacher who spends her days molding the minds of

Nolan David – cutey pie apple of my eye

I went to Texas for a week right before Ivan and I moved across the ocean to Hawaii.  April is my cousin, Patrick her

derek & kristina engaged and madly in love

Five years ago, I had the incredible privilege of volunteering in Zambia, Africa for nine months.  Derek was one of the

Jen rocks out in her wedding dress with Tim’s help

Jen is gorgeous.  Tim is handsome.  The two together are dynamite fun.  They are up for anything.  The zanier the

My favorites from Dannon & Kim’s Wedding

I’ve known Dannon for 8 years now.  We became friends in college.  Yesterday, he married his darling Kim.  It was

Oak Glen

Ivan whisked me away yesterday afternoon to Oak Glen for some hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream at Law’s

The Getty

Why, oh why have we not been to the Getty prior to now?  Tis a magical, surreal land with free entrance and free

Jennifer & Richard

Jennifer and I actually go way back.  We were nurses together, back in good ole’ Tennessee.  Ivan and I had the

Becca’s Shower

You may recognize this lovely friend of mine from a previous post.  Ivan and I shot her engagement photos.  Her best

West Coast

We are leaving California soon.  Here’s to the Pacific . . . see you in Hawaii, ocean.