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Why I Don’t Hate the Color Pink Anymore | My Ava Lilikoi

I used to hate the color pink.  Pink was just SO pink.  So predictable.  It seemed weak, maybe even a little lazy.

Mommy & Me | Lanikai Beach | Meet Julie & Cypress

Motherhood is an outrageous pleasure full of joy and whimsy.  It’s also trying, terrifying, all consuming, eye

My Heart | Ava Lily

“Happiness, not in another place, but this place . . . not for another hour, but for this hour.” –

Kailua Family Photographer: Meet Tiffany & Alaska

Meet Tiffany, my long time, smart PA, and pretty friend,  living out her fairytale with her good lookin’, Kiwi

Bellows Beach Family Portrait Session: Meet the Seibels

Meet the Seibels, a family I photographed at Bellows Beach on a warm November Sunday afternoon.  They are a beautiful

Sand, Sticks, & A Two Year-Old: My Saving Grace

This is Ava.  My sweet little Ava Lilikoi.  Today is her birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVA LILIKOI!  This is my favorite

Ava Lily

I’d like to introduce you to the love of my life born 11.6.11 at 1245 am, weighing 6lbs 7.8oz, and measuring 19.5

Nolan David – cutey pie apple of my eye

I went to Texas for a week right before Ivan and I moved across the ocean to Hawaii.  April is my cousin, Patrick her

Chloe & Evan

I went to high school with Victoria in Texas. Last year, I photographed her daughter Chloe, for her 1st birthday. I

Lucian Skystone

Portraits of my precious, 35 day old nephew. Dominique, my beautiful sister is featured in the first photo. They both

Vanessa & Dash Sneak Peak

I first met Vanessa rock climbing more than a year ago. We were introduced via my dear friend Serena. Vanessa has a

Adopt a Kid Christmas Party

This is one of my favorite annual Christmas parties. It happens every December at the SAC Clinic in San Bernadino, and

Meg’s Family

Last Sunday Ivan and I drove out to Murietta to photograph Meg and her family. In years past, they used more