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Why I Don’t Hate the Color Pink Anymore

I used to hate the color pink.  Pink was just SO pink.  So predictable.  It seemed weak, maybe even a little lazy.

My Heart | Ava Lily

“Happiness, not in another place, but this place . . . not for another hour, but for this hour.” –

Kailua Family Photographer: Meet Tiffany & Alaska

Meet Tiffany, my long time, smart PA, and pretty friend,  living out her fairytale with her good lookin’, Kiwi

Kailua, Hawaii Portrait Photographer: Meet Ginger

Meet Ginger, a woman in her white dress, who I photographed in the gorgeous morning light at Lanikai Beach here on

Sand, Sticks, & A Two Year-Old: My Saving Grace

This is Ava.  My sweet little Ava Lilikoi.  Today is her birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVA LILIKOI!  This is my favorite

Bellows Maternity Session: Meet Maggie & Corbin

Meet Maggie.  Ava’s truly fantastic baby sitter who has the playful heart of a child. Meet Corbin. Maggie’s

Kakaako Urban Portrait Photography: Meet Renee

Renee is fierce, colorful, and down to earth.  A loyal friend, who means what she says.  It’s always a good time

Alaska Film Landscape Photography

Alaska is breath taking.  Alaska is better than your dreams.  Alaska will make you see things you never saw before.  It

Lovely Lauren: Hawaii Portrait Photographer

Lauren by far, is one of my favorite people to photograph. She’s light hearted, endearing, funny, and instantly

For My Friend, Nicki

Meet Nicki.  A fellow photographer, Texan mama to three, and brave dream chaser.  I did a mini-mini session of her this

A Love Story by AF: Hawaii Swimsuit Fashion Photographer

Alysaa Ferguson is a talented bikini designer surfer mama who splits her time between Hawaii and Bali.  She hand

Virginia Play Garden Portraits & Wildflowers: Meet Lauren Guilford

Meet Lauren, a sweet as can be, endearing brunette.  If you meet her once, you’ll never forget her. She radiates

Enchanted Hawaii Elopement with Flower Hakus in the Forest: Meet Kayla & Vissin

Meet Kayla, a gorgeous, glowing, sweet, jewelry designer, mama, bride and Vissin, her totally in to her, ridiculously

For Boston, With Aloha From Hawaii

My best friend is a triathlete, a marathoner.  What if she had ran in the 2013 Boston Marathon?  Crossed the finish

Chasing the Light, Off the Beaten Path in Waimanalo

My husband and I went exploring this weekend.  Bare feet in the dirt, it’s raining but the windows are down,