Lanikai, Hawaii Elopement | Alyssa + Tim

Alyssa is a wildly talented swimsuit designer with a thriving business, dividing her time between Bali and the Hawaiian

Why I Don’t Hate the Color Pink Anymore | My Ava Lilikoi

I used to hate the color pink.  Pink was just SO pink.  So predictable.  It seemed weak, maybe even a little lazy.

Lush, Bohemian Florals | Playing with Passion Roots

Shilhi is a wildly talented, God-fearing, creative who lives life with great purpose.  Her floral design skills are

Mommy & Me | Lanikai Beach | Meet Julie & Cypress

Motherhood is an outrageous pleasure full of joy and whimsy.  It’s also trying, terrifying, all consuming, eye

My Heart | Ava Lily

“Happiness, not in another place, but this place . . . not for another hour, but for this hour.” –

Papa’iloa Beach, Hawaii Elopement: Brian + Laurence

Brian and Laurence met 15 years ago in a running club. Their emotional elopement pulled on my heart strings, left

Paradise Cove Beach, Hawaii Elopement: Shane + Ikuyo

Shane and Ikuyo are from Seattle.  They met 3.5 years ago, “Office” style, think Jim and Pam.  Adorable,

Kailua Family Photographer: Meet Tiffany & Alaska

Meet Tiffany, my long time, smart PA, and pretty friend,  living out her fairytale with her good lookin’, Kiwi

Hawaii Wedding in Waikiki: Flavia + Ben

Sometimes you just get really lucky.  I can’t tell you how awesome it is when your people, from across the

Bellows Beach Family Portrait Session: Meet the Seibels

Meet the Seibels, a family I photographed at Bellows Beach on a warm November Sunday afternoon.  They are a beautiful

Kailua, Hawaii Portrait Photographer: Meet Ginger

Meet Ginger, a woman in her white dress, who I photographed in the gorgeous morning light at Lanikai Beach here on

Kailua Portrait Photography: Meet Sarah & Kyle

Meet Sarah and Kyle, crazy in love newly weds married in 2012.  We met near Kalama Beach for a mini session last

Sand, Sticks, & A Two Year-Old: My Saving Grace

This is Ava.  My sweet little Ava Lilikoi.  Today is her birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVA LILIKOI!  This is my favorite

Waimanalo Maternity Session: Meet Nicole and Kenji

Meet Nicole, a sweet, creative entrepreneur, and wedding planner (co-founder of Best Day Ever) who is one lovely, hot

Bellows Maternity Session: Meet Maggie & Corbin

Meet Maggie.  Ava’s truly fantastic baby sitter who has the playful heart of a child. Meet Corbin. Maggie’s