Alaska Film Landscape Photography

Alaska is breath taking.  Alaska is better than your dreams.  Alaska will make you see things you never saw before.  It grounds you. Its wilderness is majestic, untamed, awe inspiring. It’s like Christmas morning, over and over.  Once you travel there you can never forget it and you will always want to go back.

This is my first time to feature film on my blog.  For my 30th birthday, I splurged on my first medium format film camera.  I’m in love already.

So here’s to exploring the world of film.  Here’s to the magic of trying something for the first time and feeling so alive it renders you speechless.  Going back to the beginning, where you know almost nothing, gives you so much to look forward to.  So much to try for, hope for, and aspire to.

Here’s to another year of messy, beautiful, imperfectly, perfect life.

Love you Ava Lilikoi.

Shot with a Pentax 645N on Fuji 400H.  Scanned by Pro Photo Irvine.


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