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Motherhood is an outrageous pleasure full of joy and whimsy.  It’s also trying, terrifying, all consuming, eye opening, and life changing.  It’s to forever have every tender fiber of your soft gooey heart all wrapped up into a precious little vulnerable human being.  Motherhood opens up your heart to twice as much beauty and twice as much fear. It’s exhilarating and sometimes never ever ending, yet the best thing I’ve ever attempted to do.

Mothers are the shapers and holders and glue of all things unseen.  Those things hoped for and wished for.  The what if’s and why not’s.  The successes and heart aches.  Mothers give and give and give and love and love and love.  I am in awe of mothers everywhere.

Here’s to Julie and Cypress, and the precious wonder that motherhood is.  What a privilege to be invited into your world.

With aloha,

Crystal Chanel


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