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Aloha, I’m Crystal Chanel, your Oahu surprise proposal photographer 😉

Oahu Surprise Proposal Plan

Chris & Nana are from Seattle.  He called me and we decided to meet incognito at my favorite local Kailua coffee shop, Kalapawai Cafe.  I’m all about their chai lattes.  If you’re looking for the best chai on the Windward side. This is THE place to go.

He was a little nervous, hoping Nana wouldn’t notice, he was still gone, past the time he said he’d be back.  I don’t exactly recall how he stole away from her for a few minutes, but he made it work…something about helping his uncle, who lives here…

We decided on Lanikai Beach at sunrise in 2 days.

Hawaii Engagement Photographer

Here’s what I remember – it was a little early, even for this mama of 2 to be awake. When I left my house it was still dark out.  The plan was to be in place 15 minutes before sunrise and I’d pretend to be a tourist photographing the Mokes. About 10 minutes after I arrived, Chris and Nana made their way to near the outrigger canoes.  Chris and I awkwardly made eye contact for a brief nanosecond, hoping Nana didn’t see our acknowledgement of one another.  I can only imagine his heart was about to leap out of his chest, because my heart was beating a million miles a minute with joy, for the incredible moment about to unfold, where he asked Nana to spend the rest of his life with her. ❤️

I could hardly contain my excitement.  I tried to play it cool, but I felt like an awkward school girl whose crush just walked by her in the hallway, and maybe he saw me staring too long.  This, this is how much I love photography.  I was born to keep safe your sacred, once in a lifetime moments.

Ok, bringing it back, since after all this isn’t about me, it’s about them.

Lanikai Beach Photographer

Just when the light started to transform, I did a well timed text with a quick outstretched yawn/head nod dance move which Chris thankfully saw and the rest is history.  It was pure magic.  Nana was lovely and Chris was floored by her beauty, and I just happened to be there to document it all 😉

With warmest aloha,

Crystal Chanel

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