Lanikai Beach Portrait Photographer: Meet Anuenue

Meet Anuenue, a mamapreneur to 3 boys, who is as sweet as she is gorgeous.  A quality that is sometimes rare, which makes it all the more thrilling when stumbled upon.  We met at Lanikai Beach for a Hawaii beach portrait session on a weekday afternoon.  It was kind of every photographer’s dream or maybe one of my dreams.  A beautiful, kind soul with long brown hair, on a white sandy beach with calm aqua waters and lush green foliage.

What’s more, an extra tidbit that she probably would never tell you herself, (Because in the short 1 hour I spent with her, I realized just how humble and gracious of a person she is), she is a super competent nurse, who writes grants which make healthcare on the Leeward side of Oahu, more accessible and affordable to those who would otherwise be without medical help.

Anuenue is the owner of Malacologie Sunrise Shells, located in Kauai.  What makes her company so unique is that she and her husband dive for shells in the Pacific, and she then takes these ocean found treasures and handcrafts them into one of a kind pieces of jewelry.  You can view part of her collection, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, at the Fighting Eel here in Kailua.

Consider me inspired.  A mama to 3 boys (after you see her pictures, you might be in denial like I was and maybe still am-“Really, really?! She’s had 3 kids?”), a wife to a handsome firefighter who also happens to do extreme rescues of people who get stranded along the Na Pali coast, a small business owner with an artistic vision who dives in the ocean for her materials, and a nurse who cares about those who could otherwise go unnoticed.

It was truly a pleasure to photograph you Anuenue.  I had fun getting to know you a little bit better.

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