5 Year Anniversary Photo Session at Waimanalo Beach, Hawaii: Laura + Billy

Meet Laura & Billy, two high school sweetheart film photographers from Oregon, who I photographed at Waimanolo Beach on their actual 5 year anniversary in Hawaii! Let me just say, LUCKY, LUCKY me! I say lucky because every now and then you meet a couple who makes love seem steady, safe, and easy.  A couple who still sees each other and finds magic and light in the ordinary.  There’s a sense of mutual respect between them, a constant unspoken vote of confidence in the other’s ability to dream chase and dream chase well.  If you could see the way he looks at her, the way she looks at him . . . awe…happy sigh…it’s evident they absolutely adore one another.  As I’ve said before, it’s always heart warming and so beautiful to see a married couple who are still deeply, madly, crush-crazy in love.

We met Laura and Billy through Instagram 🙂 She is an insanely talented film photographer whose images make my insides feel restless.  I get that long/yearning/can’t sleep at night feeling, deep in my gut every time I see her images.  For my 30th birthday, my fantastic father father flew her out here to take photos of Ivan, Ava, and I.  You can see the blog post of my mini-family session here.

What’s even more exciting is, she did a 5 year anniversary shoot of Ivan and I.  I got to wear my gorgeous white dress, a pretty flower crown, and twirl in the sand barefoot, all the while laughing and smiling.  So if you’ve been hitched awhile and want to dress up and look pretty, I say why not?! Why not, celebrate marriage?  Celebrate your best friend, making it another year, figuring it out, compromising, dream chasing, and supporting each other through disappointments and success.   After all, just because the wedding is over, doesn’t mean your “happily ever after” has to be too.


Crystal Chanel

  • Nikki - LADY!!! These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  • Laura Nelson - Oh my goodness!!!! Dying!!! So happy we got to hang out and do pictures, these are so sweet:) I LOVE loooove them:) xoxoxo

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