For Boston, With Aloha From Hawaii

My best friend is a triathlete, a marathoner.  What if she had ran in the 2013 Boston Marathon?  Crossed the finish line, just as the unthinkable occurred.  Today is hard because evil violated anyone who has ever dreamed their dream and then followed through.  Today the best of the best, ran their heart and soul out.  Their loved ones were waiting on them to cross that finish line. I’m not sure who didn’t get to say goodbye to who, or what words were left unsaid, or embraces left undone, but I am sad for them.  Sad for their loss and their unspeakable heart ache.  Sad for the celebrations that can never happen, the disabling of innocent people.  The loss of our precious children.  May Jesus give peace to all those hurting.  I’m praying for you Boston.

I’m at a loss for words, so I’ll say the rest in pictures.

– Crystal


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